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Economist is the most prestigious profession in Russia

March 19, 2020

The monitoring "Employment of Young People. Higher Education: the View of Generations" studies the Russians aged 23 to 46 years. The research was conducted by the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

Totally there were 1678 respondents, whose answers were divided into three age groups during the analysis: "digital generation" - 23-29 years old, "millennials" - 31-36 years old, and "reform generation" - 41-46 years old.

"Economy, including finance and management, is regarded as the most prestigious area of professional training, regardless of which generation the respondent belongs to", - the study says. These areas are the most popular in the group of 31-36 years old: 70% of respondents of this age named Economics. Older people, 41-46 years old, also gave preference to Economics, primarily juridical economics. Young people - 23-29 years old, also "voted" for the economy, in general 57,4% .