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Held a conference with partners from Switzerland

SSEU together with the Higher School of Arc Management (Haute Ecole Arc, Neuchâtel, Switzerland) held a conference within the project "Responding to COVID-19 Global Crise - Best Practices for Supply Chain Management".

The conference was devoted to the discussion of the results of the first stage of the research which was carried out in Russia and Switzerland for the purpose of studying practical experience in organizing logistics business processes under conditions of the pandemic.

The active participation in the organization and conduct of the study on the part of SSEU was taken by the docents of the Department of Commerce, Service and Tourism Natalia Vasilyevna Ivanova and Yanina Gennadyevna Sayamova. The main conclusions were outlined by Natalya Vasilyevna in her report.

Speakers of the conference:

- Dr. Stefano Carrino, professor and researcher in information technology, HE-Arc;

- Karin Doan, professor, supply chain management researcher, HEG Arc;

- Stanislav Kobzarev, General Director of LLC «MegaMechanica»;

- Denis Yurenkov, Commercial Director of LLC Glonass-Soft;

- Benjamin Jacquier, Head of Logistics Service, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (Neuchâtel, Switzerland).

Participants of the conference exchanged the best experience in the organization of logistic activity under conditions of COVID-19 distribution and came to the conclusion that this crisis showed the fundamental importance of the companies' cooperation throughout the supply chain; the necessity to create more stocks, in particular their insurance level; increase of reliability and transparency of information flows for quicker adaptation to the existing conditions.