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The Higher School of International Business in SSEU made top ten Russian business schools

The Higher School of International Business of Samara State Economic University is ranked 7th out of Russian business schools MBA.SU raking ("Narodny").

For 10 years "MVA in Moscow & in Russia" (MBA.SU) publishes results based on business school graduates opinion. The ranking has information support of Russian business media: "TASS", "Izvestia", "Kommersant", "RBC", "Kompaniya" magazine, "Profile" magazine and others.

Representatives of MBA.SU say, "All these years we have never changed the basic principles of the raking: equal access to participation of graduates of MBA and Executive MBA programs of all business schools, independence of results from business schools. The task of the raking is to give the most objective information about studying. The main assessment for us is the satisfaction of graduates with training".

More than 1,250 graduates of 2015-2017 from 54 business schools took part in the 2019 survey. In addition to business schools of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, the graduates of business schools of Samara, Mahachkala and Vladivostok participated for the first time. This year for the first time the questionnaires were sent by graduates of the MSM Skolkovo. The short list included questionnaires of 38 business schools graduates from 7 cities, representing about 95% of the market of MBA and EMBA programs.

The raking of business schools was compiled according to the most significant criteria for the participants of MBA programs: career growth of graduates, growth of income after business schools graduation, usefulness of connections acquired during training, personal and professional development.