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Smart CityZens is a collaborative research project with partners from Switzerland

The team of researchers from SSUE in association with Swiss Graduate School of Management (Neuchatel, Switzerland) and Graduate School of Economics (Basel, Switzerland) won a competition for grants among the innovative educational projects. Movetia, the Swiss fund, finances the competition.

The international student's teams will be organized for the Smart CityZens project. They will work together on the tasks set by business partners of the project within the "Smart city" concept.

"Smart city" means a city model, which provides, on the one hand, the sustainability of its development and, on the other, the comfort of its inhabitants. "New technologies are introduced, the living conditions of residents have steadily changed. Therefore it is important to apply innovative approaches to solving numerous problems of urbanization and creating new comfortable living conditions," explained Svetlana Ashmarina, the chancellor of SSUE.

The value of the Smart CityZens project for us is also that it will contribute to the implementation and promotion of the Intellectual City concept in Samara and the Samara region. According to representatives of SSUE, advanced technologies will be applied in this project and it helps to use available resources rationally and to examine new approaches to the organization of the city's infrastructure and construction of "smart buildings".