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SSEU will cooperate with the Quantorium

November 25, 2020.

Samara State University of Economics agreed on strategic partnership with Samara "Quantorum" Technopark.

Five priority areas of collaboration were defined: Robocquantum (robotics), IT-quantum (information technologies), VR/AR-quantum (virtual and augmented reality).

This topic for the university is especially relevant today. The University is constantly diversifying its educational landscape. In the line of educational programs, the technical profile is presented at all levels of training: for Vocational Education - "Information Systems and Programming"; for Bachelor degree  - "Digital Technology in Economics", for Master degree - "Artificial Intelligence and Big Data".

Yesterday, at the meeting the main directions of cooperation between the university and Quantorum Technopark of Samara were defined:

- a joint network educational program for students of secondary professional education with practical training on the basis of  Samara "Quantorum" Technopark.

- Implementation of joint educational projects for students aged 12 to 18 years (hakatons, master classes, trainings);

- mutual experience exchange in project and research activities;

- joint implementation of major research projects.


Quantorium is area equipped with high-tech equipment where children learn by the principle of project-based learning: from theory to practice. Quantorum's activity is aimed at popularization of technical specialties, development of self-education, planning and teamwork skills among children and youth.