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SSUE Strengthens Partnership with China

The Second International Russian-Chinese Lingvo-Economic School has completed its work at the Samara State University of Economics. Monthly training was organized by the partner of SGEU, the Department of International Cooperation of the Shaoxing University (People's Republic of China).

The training program for foreign students in SSEU was aimed the introduction of the basics of the Russian language, history and culture of Russia to Chinese students. Professor Gleb Aleksushin presented a short course on Russian and Russian-Chinese relations history in English. Professor Nailya Tagirova and associate professor Yulia Zherdeva prepared a series of English-speaking interactive games aimed to learn the Russian cultural issues and mentality.

Teaching staff of SSUE organized for summer school student’s visit of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and a number of the enterprises of the region so that the students from China studying the economic and technical courses could be acquainted with business organization in Russia in general and in Samara in particular.

Besides, SSUE provided an interesting cultural program: sightseeing tours of the city, visiting the House-Museum of Repin in Shiryaevo, The Military Technical Museum and Avtovaz Museum in Tolyatti, the Art Museum, and The Stalin's Bunker.

According to guests from China, they got a full picture of culture, life, social life in Russia, and "fall in love" with the university thanks to such a diverse program. Students became friends with volunteers who actively helped in the organizational process of the school.

"We like it very much, the program is very interesting," they unanimously said. "The only thing we miss is our native food...” the guys say with sigh.

Festive closing of the school took place in SSUE. Anna Zotova, the Head of the Department for International Cooperation, made the closing speech. She congratulated the participants on the successful conclusion of the school and expressed the hope for further productive cooperation not only within the framework of summer schools, but within also other collaborative educational projects.

Svetlana Komarova, the Head of the Department for work with Foreign Students solemnly handed a certificate of participation to each student. Inchi Chin, the Head of the Chinese group expressed gratitude to the University for the excellent organization of the project.
The event ended with a little concert prepared by Russian volunteers and Chinese students. The plastic show "I am" performed by the studio theatre "Lantern" was presented as a gift to Japanese students.

The organization of summer schools for foreign students is a practice adopted in most of the world’s leading Universities. Russian-Chinese summer schools have been organized at the SSUE for the second year.

According to Svetlana Ashmarina, the Rector of the SSUE, such projects are extremely important because they allow students to gain unique experience of working in international teams.

The Shaoxing University is not the only university in China, which SSUE collaborates. The second Russian-Chinese school worked at the University from 18 July to 1 August. Students from Heihee, another partner-university of SSUE, came here. The studying there aimed to strengthen Russian-Chinese relationships, to learn language, traditions and to find common ground in the culture and history of Russian-Chinese relations.

The University pays special attention to the development of partnership relations with Chinese colleagues, because, as Vladimir Putin, Russian President stressed in his message to the Federation Council, relations between Russia and China today serve as an important stabilizing fact in world affairs and show an example of productive cooperation in the economy.