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Student’s Day

Yesterday, in celebration of the All-Russian Student Day, the Academic Club of Samara State University of Economics held a QUIZ for the Rector's cup. On this quiz, the children were able to test their erudition. 12 teams competed for the victory. After each round, the participants were given only 100 seconds to think over and fill out the answer form. In such a really intense fight, at the end of 7 rounds, the third place was taken by the team of the Institute of Management of SSEU " I'm student». The second place went to the team of the Institute of National and World Economy " Untitled», and the favorite was the team of the Institute of Law of the SSEU "Right and Left", which is why the team was awarded the rector's cup.

Congratulating the children on their holiday, the rector of Samara State University of Economics Svetlana Igorevna Ashmarina noted that the student years are certainly the best time, the time of enthusiasm, energy, freedom: "Today you have already learned something, you have a million tasks in your head, you are ready to climb the highest peaks. I am absolutely sure that you can do everything, because our university is where the most creative and talented students study. I think that many of you will be outstanding scientists, musicians, athletes, but most importantly - you will become true professionals and worthy citizens of our country. I congratulate you! I wish you to remain always young, energetic, ready for new achievements, never stop on the way to your goal and move forward to your dream. And we will do everything possible to ensure that the learning process brings you only positive emotions. Happy holidays!»

Special prizes were awarded to the winners of the quiz by Irina Vladimirovna Istranina, representative of the SBER, HR Manager of the Volga Bank of Sberbank PJSC: "In order to remain in demand in this life, to run forward, it is necessary to continue to develop, to learn throughout life. To do this, it is important to have the ability to learn, learn everything new and interesting. Student time is a special time of love and friendship, some unusual achievements. I would like to wish that you always have enough positive emotions, and that all your aspirations are always realized."

After the informal congratulations, it was time for a more formal, but no less pleasant part of the event — the presentation of letters of thanks to students for their achievements in the social, creative, scientific, and sports activities of the university. In total, 140 students received letters of thanks from the university management.

The series of festive events ended with a traditional tea party with the rector, where students of SSEU could ask Svetlana Igorevna Ashmarina all their questions over a cup of tea in a calm and friendly atmosphere.