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April 19 | 2021

«Advantages and disadvantages of the Continental and Common law systems»

On Wednesday, 14.04.21, at 10.30 in the auditorium 317 A, a round table meeting was held on the topic: "Advantages and disadvantages of the Continental and Common law systems". Participants (team group of 1st year students of the Law Institute; university teacher – prof. Gromova T. V.) discussed the history of the origin, the geography of the using, the comparison of both systems of law, demonstrating involvement in the process, an outstanding knowledge of the topic under discussion, excellent pronunciation.
February 18 | 2021

Smart specialization: municipal trends

On February 17, 2021 a foresight-session "Smart Specialization: Municipal Trends" was held at the Boiling Point of SSEU. The format of the virtual hall allowed the organizers of the foresight session - professors of the Department of Regional Economics and Management and the Department of World Economy to keep an active dialogue with numerous participants - graduate students and undergraduate students of SSEU. ​
February 16 | 2021

"School of Law" and "Way to Legal Business" Master Class

On February 16 "School of Law" was held at SSEU, it was implemented by the Samara regional branch of the Association of Lawyers of Russia and the Student Scientific Society of SSEU.
January 25 | 2021

Student’s Day

Yesterday, in celebration of the All-Russian Student Day, the Academic Club of Samara State University of Economics held a QUIZ for the Rector's cup. On this quiz, the children were able to test their erudition. 12 teams competed for the victory. After each round, the participants were given only 100 seconds to think over and fill out the answer form. In such a really intense fight, at the end of 7 rounds, the third place was taken by the team of the Institute of Management of SSEU " I'm student».
January 25 | 2021

On the threshold of the Students’ Day

The students of the Syzran branch of SSEU won the sports competitions that took place on January 22 as part of the All-Russian campaign "Student Landing". These competitions were timed to coincide with the Russian Students’ Day.
January 20 | 2021

«Students assault» in Syzran Line Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

First-year students of the faculty of « jurisprudence » of Syzran branch campus of SSEU visited Line Ministry of  Internal Affairs of  Russia by transport on 21st of January 2021 as a part of the annual Russian event «Student assault».