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Human Resources Chair

The Department of Labor Economics and Personnel Management was established as an independent unit in 1973. However, the training of students in the specialty “Labor Economics” and the team building of the future department began much earlier on the basis of the Department of Industrial Economics. The team building was carried out mainly in two ways. The first one is when qualified specialists in the national economy with extensive practical experience in the field of labor organization and wages were invited to join the Department. The second way of forming the staff of the future department is to get highly qualified lecturers through graduate school from among graduates of the industrial and economic faculty.

Full-time training of economists in labor within the framework of the industrial and economic faculty began in 1967, and their first graduation was in 1971.

When the team of qualified lecturers was formed, and experience in training labor specialists in all forms of training was gained, an independent unit, the Department of Labor Economics, was formed out the Department of Industrial Economics. The first Head of the Department was associate professor N. Poleshchuk. In subsequent years, the Department was headed by professors A. T. Parensky, V. K. Kurochkin, V. A. Vaysburd, V. A. Schekoldin, V. M. Kornev, L. A. Ilyukhina. Since 2012, the Department has been headed by Doctor of Economics, Professor Marina V. Simonova.

In 2002, the specialty “Human Resource Management” was opened in all forms of training.

The team of qualified lecturers was formed at the Department, and experience was gained in training specialists in all forms of training.

The teaching staff of the Department of Labor Economics and Personnel Management takes an active part in annual conferences of the teaching staff following the results of research, in all-Russian and international conferences and seminars, prepares students for participation in Olympiads, competitions and conferences at the all-Russian, regional and local levels.

The head of the Department is Doctor of Economics, Ph.D., professor of the Department, Marina Viktorovna Simonova and lecturers of the Department are constantly trained in continuing education courses and undergo internships at leading enterprises of the region and abroad. Namely, V. M. Kornev, D. P. Soloviev, V. A. Schekoldin were on the internship in Germany, Italy and Denmark.

Over the years of its formation and functioning, the Department has trained more than two thousand qualified economists and HR managers.

To ensure not only high-quality theoretical, but also practical training of specialists, bachelors and masters, the Department works closely with leading enterprises and organizations of the city and region, conducting research with the participation of lecturers and students, organizing field trips, creating branches and base departments. So, for several years, the Department’s branches functioned successfully at the Volga Automobile Plant, on the basis of which dozens of factory practitioners received good theoretical training and diplomas, in the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Migration Policy of the Samara Region, in Progress JSC and others. Currently, strategic partnership agreements are in force with a number of large enterprises and organizations in our city.

The lecturers of the Department have developed educational and methodical complexes, educational and methodological manuals for the disciplines of the curriculum assigned to the Department. Over the past 5 years, more than 30 study guides have been prepared and published. All study guides, as well as teaching materials for all academic disciplines are available in electronic version at the Department, and are also located in the electronic information and educational environment of the university, wherefrom students can copy the corresponding files.

The Department of Labor Economics and Personnel Management provides a postgraduate course under the supervision of Professor M. Simonova. This specialty is 080005 – “Economics and National Economy Management” (field of study - Labor Economics).