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Life in SSEU is full of various events

  • Camp-seminar "School of Curators" (training first-year students).
  • Labor groups were established on the basis of SSEU and includes a student teaching team “Our world”, a construction team “Sokol” and a pilot team “Zhiguli”.
  • Charity volunteer events are held for children from social shelters “Share your warmth” and “Palette of feelings” for children from kindergartens.
  • Students have the opportunity to do modern, pop, ballroom, sports dance, aerobics, as well as to try folk and eastern choreography.
  • Various intellectual clubs are organized: debate-club “pros and cons”, club “What? Where? When?” photo club “Behind the scenes”.
  • Annual contests are held (“The Golden voice of SSEU”, “Miss SSEU”, “Student debut”).
  • The most popular annual festival of the year is an art festival "Student spring".

Creative teams and studios, interest clubs!

Social life at our University is very diverse and interesting! There are creative teams in SSEU, which vary in their specifics. Every year their number increases and new directions appear. Students can present their own proposal for creating a team and take part in its further development.

Any University student can find themselves in one area of cultural and leisure activities, depending on their preferences.

Every year, members of creative teams take part in various competitions of the University, the city and the region, and often become laureates and graduates. Team members take an active part in the Student spring. You can be sure that they will not go unnoticed!

Creative teams SSEU:

1. Vocal Studio and vocal ensemble «Motion music»

2. School of KVN (humor show)

3. Studio of modern choreography

4. Techno-art

5. Fitness-aerobics team «Kolibri»

6. Choreographic team «Performance»

7. Art Studio «Gold Brush»

In addition to creative teams, there are interest clubs at the University. The clubs are aim at the full development of students. During the year, the University hosts events and various competitions related to the activities of clubs.

  1. Debate club «Pros and Cons»
  2. Club of intellectual games
  3. Photo club «Behind the scenes»

Student government

It is the most effective form of resolving all issues among students. Ranging from the University activities to implementation and monitoring of students rights.

Activists who have proved themselves in the field of student government go through a serious school of management at the University level. Subsequently, an enormous experience and a high level of socialization accompany the leaders of student self-government. The development of student government and its support is an important goal of the University.

In addition, student government is one of the pronounced forms of implementation of youth policy. When students come to the University, their picture of the world around them changes. Moreover, entering a new phase of socialization and it is very important to provide the student with the opportunity for self-realization. Principles of volunteerism, association, electivity, unity and integrity are the foundations of student government. This explains their popularity and importance in the student community.

Trade-union committee

The trade-union organization of students of the Samara state University of Economics is the largest student organization in the University. Over the past 3 years, the organization has been the winner of the regional competition «Student of the year» in the category «Best public organization of the Samara region University».

  • The trade-union organization is a great friend and comrade of the student. The main task of the trade-union organization of students is to protect and represent the rights of students. This means that the trade-union organization of students is designed to help students in resolving conflict situations and complex social and material issues. The trade-union organization of students upholds the interests of student body before the University administration and at other levels. Representatives of our organization are part of various boards and discussion meetings. They take part in the discussion and adoption of legislation relating to students. And, of course, in the creation and adoption of all legislation and regulations acts of the SSEU relating to students.
  • The trade-union organization of students is a powerful youth organization that is a self-governance body at the University. However, all the initiatives in the organization come from the students themselves. We get to decide how we should live. And, of course, we build our lives alongside the councils of our older comrade, both inside and outside the University.
  • To be a member of the trade-union organization is advantageous, because it is the best platform for developing your talents, skills, personal qualities and realizing your ambitions. In addition, active participation in student life is always encouraged.
  • You learn a lot by developing your skills and you become a socially active person. You have useful and pleasant acquaintances. As a result, employers themselves come out to you as the best representatives of the student body. Isn't it better to build your future from the student's bench? So that later, after graduation, you wouldn't be concerned about choosing a job, about experience and your qualifications.
  • Membership in a trade-union is absolutely voluntarily. If you think that your life is beautiful without additional features, that is absolutely your right. You can become a member of a trade-union  only by submitting a personal application in which you also indicate that you are agree to pay membership fees. The amount of membership fees is small, only 4% of the scholarship. This money is spent for providing material assistance to students, for events organized by the trade-union organization of students.
  • You won't have a moment to get bored with us. Among the events organized and attended by the trade-union organization of students are "Ivolga", "Student of the year", "Student spring", "First step", "Curator", "New year's carnival", "Regatta", "Knowledge Day", "Student debut"  and lots and lots of this.

Extracurricular activities

Trade Union organization of sseu students strongly encourages all sorts of aspirations of students to self-improvement, the acquisition of additional vocational skills, the desire to earn money – for this on the basis of Еrade Union organization of students there are labor groups.

To date, the staff of SO SSEU includes 3 student labor groups:

The “Nash Mir” student teaching group works as counselors and educators in children's health camps in the region and on the black sea coast;

Student construction team "Sokol" works on the objects provided by the native University.

The consolidated student group of conductors serves passenger trains of the Kuibyshev railway in the summer.

The total number of students of the University involved in the activities of student groups is about 170 people annually, in the preparatory period-about 250 students.

SSEU detachments are distinguished by rich traditions, professionalism, and discipline. These qualities help our students to show their best side.

Leaders of student groups become leaders in later life, as there are hundreds of examples. Veterans of the movement of student groups hold various positions in state structures, authorities, large firms and enterprises of the city and region.

Chief of staff-Marina Babachenko

During the year, The Department for educational and social work and the students ' Trade Union organization conducts various events and projects for students, such as:

  1. "Student` debut" is a competition where the youngest representatives of the University – first-year students-present their concert performances to the audience;
  2. "Golden voice of SSEU" is a competition of vocalists of the university, where a competent jury selects the best in their field;
  3. "Miss SSEU" - a celebration of beauty and grace, where every girl will feel like a Princess, and maybe even win the title of the most beautiful and charming for the next year.
  4. And every student is waiting for the end of the school year with a sinking heart, because preparation for this event begins in February. Everyone is related to this action and everyone is rooting for the common cause. And the name of this holiday is the art festival "Student spring", which reveals which Institute has become the most creative this year;
  5. An integral part of the creative life of the University is the calendar holidays "Knowledge Day", "Defender of the Fatherland Day", "International women's day".

To demonstrate the leadership and organizational skills of students, the trade Union Committee arranges various field events:

  • Rope course " Test yourself-Believe in yourself!" it is organized for first-year students, aimed at uniting within the academic group;
  • Exit youth student camp "First step". It helps first-year students to develop personal qualities, adapt to a new social environment, and find true friends;
  • An off-site training camp-seminar "Kommunarsky fees" - is held annually for members of the student pedagogical group "Our World". This project is the best way to give students a complete understanding of the counselor work. Participants show how well they have mastered the course of game engineering, studied the psychological aspects of the counselor's work, etc.
  • The Institute of curatorship has been actively developed in SSEU, where intensive training of senior students for working with first-year students and helping them to quickly adapt to the new environment is being conducted with the help of an on-site training camp-seminar "school of curators".
  • Our teaching team not only trains highly qualified counselors and employs them for the summer period, it does not stop its activities during school hours. In addition to lectures and practical classes, which take place once a week, our pedagogical team develops and implements actions and events throughout the year. So, here are our projects:
  • The action "Share your warmth". This is a trip to orphanages with entertainment, sports, intellectual and station events. First-year students with their curators develop a program and go to an orphanage to give a piece of their warmth to those who lack it so much.
  • Action "Palette of feelings". Who are the most emotional? Who are the most unpredictable and laid-back? Naturally, these are our smallest children-kindergarten students! This promotion is to spend an unforgettable time with children of the most restless age! Who else can give you all the palette of feelings the way babies do?
  • "New year's performance for children of employees and students". It has already become a tradition to prepare and hold a Christmas tree for the children of employees and students. Members of the SPO develop and organize a cultural program for children, show a theatrical performance, conduct competitions and games, counselors fix, and beginners get practical skills to work with children.
  • Action "Parade of smiles". June 1-children's day, members of our SPO go to city parks to please children and their parents! Funny, Groovy, in beautiful and funny costumes, our guys play with absolutely everyone! We try to make the holiday for children the most vivid and memorable, but in response receives a parade of smiles!
  • The members of pdatrade take an active part in the international volunteer project "Share Your Love & Your Light". Cultural and educational program on the theme "Culture of the world" with the participation of foreign students-volunteers.

A number of events are organized on the initiative of creative teams and interest clubs:

  • Photo contest "Opening»;
  • Parliamentary debate tournament " Cup over the Volga»;
  • Autumn and spring cups for intellectual games;
  • Cultural events an evening of poetry;
  • Camping trip.

For nonresident students, a sightseeing tour of the city of Samara is held.

Student councils of dormitories regularly organize a competition for the "Best dorm room".

Our students participate in organizing and conducting local and city events, festivals, and other events aimed at children and youth, with the support of the Ministry of culture and youth policy of the Samara region. Members of the trade Union organization of SSEU students take part in all-Russian and interregional camps, seminars, meetings, conferences, learning new technologies for working with students and children, sharing their experience.

Department of educational and social work

Babachenko Dmitry Yurievich

head of department

educational and social work

Management is a basic component of the formation of the educational environment of the Samara state University of Economics and one of the components of the Vice-rector's services for educational and educational work. The educational environment of the University creates conditions for the development of the student, which helps him to master the necessary social and professional competencies, actively engage in social practice, develop and display talent, demonstrate his achievements, become a successful and competitive specialist.

The structure of the Department for educational and social work includes:

Department for educational work

Social work Department

The purpose of the Department is to educate and develop the personality of an intellectual, i.e. a person with a high general and professional culture, through the implementation of educational and extracurricular work programs with students aimed at intellectual, moral and personal development, creating an atmosphere of respect, corporate and university culture, civic responsibility and professional and business qualities, promoting the development of student self-government and improving the quality of life of students.

Management task:

  • organization of educational work with students during extracurricular time;
  • creating an optimal social and cultural environment aimed at the development of moral and spiritual values in the modern society;
  • preservation and enhancement of The University's traditions, promotion of its history, symbolism, and prestige of education in the Samara state University OF Economics»;
  • formation of students ' active citizenship and Patriotic consciousness, legal and political culture;
  • creating conditions for the disclosure of creative, intellectual, sports, organizational and other abilities of students;
  • organization of work on prevention of additive behavior and offenses in the student environment;
  • assistance in providing students with social guarantees provided for by normative legal acts, creating social and living (housing) conditions for students and other categories of students to live in University dormitories;
  • assistance in providing students with medical care and organization of health work with students.
  • coordination of work of structural divisions of Management with student councils, trade Union organization of students and other public (student) associations of the University;
  • informational and methodological support of educational and social work with students.