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Anton Kotyakov, Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation, became the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the SSEU

The first meeting of the Supervisory Board, the highest collegial governing body of the university, was held at the SSEU.

It consists of outstanding graduates of the university: a 2002 graduate who successfully defended his thesis for the degree of Candidate of Economic Sciences at the university in 2005, now the Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation Anton Kotyakov, First Vice-Governor – Chairman of the Government of the Samara Region Viktor Kudryashov and General Director of the autonomous non-profit organization "Agency for Strategic Initiatives for the Promotion of New Projects" Svetlana Chupsheva.

The Supervisory Board determines the vector of the university's development, makes decisions on strategically important issues of its activities and assists in their implementation. Anton Kotyakov was unanimously elected Chairman of the Supervisory Board. "I am grateful for the trust to me. I will do my best for the development of Samara State University of Economics. By joint efforts and hard work of our Supervisory Board we will form a perspective and ambitious agenda of the university development", - noted Kotyakov.

Dmitry Azarov, Governor of Samara region attended at the meeting. He thanked the Minister for the formation of such an authoritative supervisory board of the University of Economics and highlighted the importance of opening up new opportunities for development. "Anton Olegovich, there is no doubt, knowing your determination and focus on results, that this composition of the Supervisory Board will give a powerful impetus to the development of the University, - the Governor expressed confidence. - The University today is an active participant of all regional programs in its profile: strategic planning, which we implement in all municipalities, and increasing of labor productivity, and improving of education quality, and development of all perspective ideas of social and economic development. Colleagues, I very much hope that the developments of the SSEU will be important for the development of the most promising ideas for the whole country. On my part, we will support the university in every possible way.      

After the session of the Council the guests visited the University. SSEU is one of the oldest universities in the region. The University was founded in 1931 as the Middle Volga Planning and Economic Institute. Throughout 1931- 1955 the university trained economists-planners in two specialties: "Economics of industry" and "Economics of agriculture." At present SSEU implements the concept of the university development as an entrepreneurial university of the Volga region, where training, research activities have a practice-oriented nature and are aimed at meeting the needs of the economy of the Volga region.