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Специально для научно-педагогических работников и аспирантов нашего университета в рамках договора с компанией «Антиплагиат», будут проведены вебинары по работе в системе «Антиплагиат ВУЗ».

26.10.2023 More

SSEU participated in the "National Social Initiative" track as a member of the regional team

On August 5, the third stage of Archipelago 2121 "Practices" started in Veliky Novgorod - a large-scale project and educational intensive for training teams in the field of cross-cutting technologies. Scientists of Samara State University of Economics and employees of four ministries of Samara region (Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Labor, Employment and Migration Policy, Ministry of Social and Demographic and Family Policy, Ministry of Health) participated in the Intensive events as part of the regional team.

09.08.2021 More

SSEU and Bezenchuk District jointly develop public spaces

On July 30, scientists of Samara State University of Economics N. Polyanskova, M. Simonova,  E. Gusakova, L. Agaeva together with the Administration of the Municipal District Bezenchuk and the Samara Governor's Duma held a project-educational session "Improvement and development of public spaces with the involvement of residents in the territory of Bezenchuk settlement".

02.08.2021 More

Strategic session of the National Social Initiative was held at the Boiling Point of SSEU

On July 21, 2021 at the Boiling Point of Samara State University of Economics a strategic session of the National Social Initiative was held. The main outcome of the event was the draft roadmaps for the implementation of the National Social Initiative in Samara region in the areas of "Social and Socially Responsible Initiative" (Center for Quality of Life Practices) developed by industry experts, employees of non-profit organizations and representatives of  Regional executive authorities together with representatives of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives to Promote New Projects

21.07.2021 More

SSEU at the seminar in Grozny

Delegation of Samara State University of Economics headed by Rector Svetlana Ashmarina took part in a scientific-practical seminar "Topical Issues of Development of State Attestation System for Scientific and Scientific-Pedagogical Employees" held in Chechen State University (Grozny). The seminar was organized jointly with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

30.06.2021 More

Anton Kotyakov, Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation, became the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the SSEU

The first meeting of the Supervisory Board, the highest collegial governing body of the university, was held at the SSEU.

It consists of outstanding graduates of the university: a 2002 graduate who successfully defended his thesis for the degree of Candidate of Economic Sciences at the university in 2005

19.06.2021 More