Samara State University of Economics

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Management structure

The supervising pro-rector – Elena Shirnina

Head of the Office

Olga Sapova



Head’s Assistant

Polina Christoforova


Teaching and Guiding Specialist

Ksenia Vibornova


Tatiana Ivashchenko

The main tasks of the Office are:

  • Attraction of foreign citizens and stateless persons for training in educational programs, short-term programs and exchange programs in SSEU.
  • Assistance to the development of educational programs of SSEU, aimed at foreign applicants, and the English-speaking educational environment at SSEU.
  • Interaction with the territorial body of the federal executive body in the field of migration, which controls the issuing of invitations to foreign citizens and stateless persons.
  • Provision of interpretation and translation services.
  • Execution of the European Diploma Supplement (hyperlink) for the graduates of SSEU.
  • Planning, organizational support and coordination of international activities of SSEU, including international academic mobility of academic teaching staff, students and employees of SSEU.
  • Coordination of international grant activities.
  • Coordination of international partnerships of SSEU, joint activities of SSEU with international associations, accrediting organizations, consortia.

Address: Samara, ul. Sovetskoi Armii, 141, office 406

Address: Samara, ul. Sovetskoi Armii, 141, office 411

Phone: +7 (846) 933 - 86-86